Acceptable Use Policy

Effective Date: August 5, 2023

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) governs the use of products, services, and technologies provided by Sleek Retreats, available at This policy is designed to protect Sleek Retreats, its customers, and the broader Internet community from unethical, irresponsible, and illegal activities. By using Sleek Retreats’ products, services, or technologies, you agree to comply with this AUP. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the immediate termination of your account and may be subject to legal consequences.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are strictly prohibited on Sleek Retreats:

Unauthorized Access

Attempting to access, disrupt, or manipulate Sleek Retreats’ systems, data, or networks without proper authorization is strictly prohibited.

Malicious Activities

Engaging in hacking, phishing, malware distribution, or any other malicious activity that may cause harm to Sleek Retreats, its customers, or the Internet community is not allowed.

Illegal Content

Uploading, storing, distributing, or promoting illegal, infringing, harmful, or offensive content, including but not limited to pirated software, copyrighted materials, child pornography, or any content that violates applicable laws, is strictly prohibited.

Spam and Unsolicited Communications

Sending unsolicited commercial messages, bulk emails, or any form of spam is not permitted.

Abuse of Resources

Any activity that consumes excessive network bandwidth, computational resources, or storage capacity, resulting in disruption or degradation of service for other users, is prohibited.


Pretending to be someone else, forging headers, or attempting to deceive others regarding the origin of content is not allowed.

Network Manipulation

Engaging in activities that disrupt, harm, or interfere with Sleek Retreats’ network or the networks of other users is strictly prohibited.

Privacy Violation

Violating the privacy rights of individuals, including sharing or disseminating personal information without consent, is not allowed.

Illegal Business Activities

Conducting or promoting illegal business practices, such as pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, or fraudulent activities, is prohibited.

Violation of Laws

Using Sleek Retreats’ products, services, or technologies in a manner that violates any applicable local, national, or international laws is strictly prohibited.

Responsible Usage

While using Sleek Retreats’ products, services, or technologies, users are expected to:

Comply with Policies

Abide by all the terms and conditions outlined in Sleek Retreats’ AUP, as well as other related policies and guidelines.

Respect Intellectual Property

Respect copyright, trademark, patent, and other intellectual property rights of third parties.

User Account Security

Maintain the security of their Sleek Retreats accounts, including passwords and access credentials.

Reporting Violations

If you become aware of any violation of this AUP or suspect any unethical, irresponsible, or illegal activities associated with Sleek Retreats’ products, services, or technologies, please promptly report it to Sleek Retreats’ support team at [support email or contact details].

Consequences of Violations

Sleek Retreats reserves the right to investigate any reported violations of this AUP. Upon substantiated evidence of violation, Sleek Retreats may take appropriate actions, including but not limited to:

Account Suspension/Termination

Suspending or terminating the offending user’s account or access to Sleek Retreats’ products, services, or technologies.

Legal Action

Reporting illegal activities to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Service Restriction

Implementing restrictions on specific services or resources for the user in violation.

Policy Updates

Sleek Retreats reserves the right to modify or update this AUP as needed. The latest version of the policy will be made available on the Sleek Retreats website. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing this policy to stay informed about any changes.

By using Sleek Retreats’ products, services, or technologies, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact Sleek Retreats’ support team at

Mike Peryk, Owner
Sleek Retreats
August 5, 2023